Our Committee

Without the unstinting support and hard work of our staff and Committee, the Association would cease to be a viable entity. Please see below for a complete listing of our current Committee members.

The Hawkwsbury Showground Committee

Like all great agricultural shows, the Hawkesbury Distict Agricultural Association has a long history, and is driven by a dedicated team of volunteers. Currently headed by President, Mr Ross Matheson working alongside Deputy Mr Dennis Shipway and Treasurer, Mr Ken Ridge, the HDAA celebrated 173 years in 2018.

As prepartions for next year’s show continues the President and Committee wish to thank sponsors, supporters, commercial trades and exhibitors for their ongoing commitment to the Hawkesbury.

Ross Matheson
Sections: Works, Woodchop
Dennis Shipway
Deputy President
Sections: Trade Space Guild
Kenneth Ridge
Sections: Pony Club, Horses Stabling, Horse Sports
Brian Caterson
Vice President
Sections: Agriculture, Horticulture
Colin Mitchell
Vice President
Sections: Fruit
Andrea Roth
Abby Dawson
Sections: Donkeys
Adam Dogger
Sections: ShowDogs
Alana Wade
Sections: Cattle, Poultry, Showgirl, NEXT Gen
Amanda Coss
Sections: Agility Dogs, Cats, Grand Parade, Flyball Dogs
Amos Vaughan
Sections: Horses
Andrew Coss
Sections: Flyball Dogs, Grand Parade, Cats, Agility Dogs
Brodie Kelly
Sections: Cattle, Poultry, Hoof & Hook
Brooke Chandler
Sections: Cattle
Caroline Dobson
Sections: Pony Club, Horses
David Peel
Sections: Risk Management, Show Traffic Management
Derrin McRae
Sections: Ringmaster, Entertainment, Fruit
Elaine Tracey
Sections: Sheep
Eliza Babazogli
Sections: Showgirl, Horse
Enid Whitby
Sections: Apiculture
Eric Whitby
Sections: Apiculture
Frank Fava
Sections: Hoof & Hook, Cattle, Sheep
Garry Hudson
Sections: Art, Pavilion
Geoffrey Ridge
Sections: Dairy Feature, Cattle Hoof & Hook
Hanna Wade
Sections: Cattle, Poultry, Showgirl, NEXT Gen, Cooking, Craft
Jacqueline Hawkins-Wade
Sections: Craft,Cooking
Jennifer Caterson
Sections: Horticulture, Agriculture
Jennifer Turnbull
Sections: Fruit, Art, Photography, Showgirl
Jordan Ridge
Sections: Cattle
Joshua Vella
Sections: Poultry
Karen Carpenter
Sections: Cattle
Karen McLaughlin
Sections: Fruit, Horticulture
Katherine Mann
Sections: Showgirl, Publicity, NEXT Gen
Kenneth Willes
Sections: Alpacas
Lynette Davie
Sections: Catering
Lynette Hudson
Sections: Photography
Lynette Matheson
Sections: LEGO
Martin Wade
Sections: Poultry
Michael Skinner
Sections: Show Traffic Management
Michel Murphy
Sections: Awards, Risk Management
Nicole Maxwell
Sections: Poultry
Noel Grech
Sections: Apiculture, Woodchop
Pauline Close
Sections: Cats, Grand Parade, Agility Dogs, Flyball Dogs, Baby Change & Feeding Room
Phillipa Tonkin
Sections: Dressage
Phillip Close
Sections: Traffic Management Plan, Cats, Grand Parade
Robert Dreves
Sections: Agriculture
Robert Nelson
Sections: Risk Management, Show, Traffic Management
Robyn Keyvar
Sections: Donkeys
Sally Buttsworth
Sections: Woodchop
Sharne Haskins
Sections: Showgirl, NEXT Gen, Publicity
Tahlia Chandler
Sections: Cattle
Teresa Greentree
Sections: Dressage, Horses, Showjumping, Pony Club
Thomas McBurney
Sections: Animal Nursery, Goats
Timothy McLaughlin
Sections: Horticulture, Agriculture