About the Association

The Hawkesbury District Agricultural Association (HDAA) was formed in 1879 and is a member of the Agricultural Show Societies Council of NSW – the parent body of 195 agricultural show societies in New South Wales.

HDAA Volunteers


It is a company incorporated under the Corporations Act 2001 and its primary objectives include:

  • conduct an annual Agricultural Show;
  • manage, maintain and develop the Hawkesbury Showground as a community and event facility for the annual agricultural show and for hire;
  • to promote agriculture and associated activities by the development of Hawkesbury Showground for competition and exhibition;
  • to continue the development of Hawkesbury Showground;
  • to provide a quality venue for the conduct of certain non-agricultural events and the development of supplementary revenue stream;
  • to ensure the financial viability of the company;
  • to encourage and promote membership of the Association.

A Committee (a maximum of 55 members) is elected by the members annually to control, direct and manage the affairs of the Association. The prime office-bearers of the Association are:

  • The President;
  • Deputy Presidents;
  • Vice Presidents;
  • Treasurer; and
  • Secretary/Public Officer.

The Association employs 3 full time employees:

  • Administration / Business Manager – to handle the everyday matters of the Association;
  • Groundsman – general upkeep and maintenance of the Showground.
  • Caretaker – Live in caretaker for general overnight security.

The Association seeks to attract volunteers/members who are committed to sustaining the Agricultural Show movement and to the development and maintenance of the Hawkesbury Showground.